Visiting the gay village of Montreal

The Montreal gay Village is one of the most festive and celebrated in the world. It welcomes yearly thousands of LGBT and gay-friendly tourists from all over the world. The motto is: enjoy the diversity in all its beauty and… have a gay old time!

Its main artery is converted into a pedestrian zone during the summer months and is aligned with about 60 terraces to enjoy food and drinks under the famous BOULES ROSES pink-ball canopy. The Village also hosts AIRES LIBRES, a public art exhibition where you can further explore the collectif imagination. Welcome to what Montreal is all about!

The village's retailers

About the village

The Montreal gay Village, with its summer-season pedestrian mall, is full of life and enjoyment with 60 restaurants and terraces, over 20 bars drawing a diverse crowd, and countless original local businesses. Enjoy the outdoor art gallery exhibition located under the famous BOULES ROSES pink-ball canopy, outdoor concerts and an enjoyable assortment of festif events. The gay Village is located in the downtown area of the city accessed by Berri-UQÀM, Beaudry and Papineau metro stations. More specifically, it extends along St. Catherine St. E. between Berri and Cartier streets, as well as along Amherst St. between René-Lévesque Blvd and Robin St.

SDC du Village

Aires libres

AIRES LIBRES is an annual public art manifestation featured on the St. Catherine St. pedestrian zone between St. Hubert and Papineau streets from May to Septembre.

A new theme is presented yearly by the art commissionner who is also mandated to single out canadien artists who will take part in the event, many of whom have already achieved international acclaim.

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